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6/4/2010 - St. Peters, MO Testimonials:

“Best hands-on forcible entry class in 22 years of service.” – Unnamed member

“I didn’t realize that I had forgotten so many basic skills.  Thanks for the review.  It was a great class and I can’t wait to attend another. – Bryan Schuster, Central County Fire & Rescue

“Very good, excellent class.  One of the best I have ever had.” – Unnamed member

“Everyone in, or going into the fire service should take this class!” – Unnamed member

“I went home with a lot of good information and experience.  The instructors know what they are doing and it shows.” – Unnamed member





5/15/2010 - Duxbury, MA Testimonials:
“I was pleased to be called “brother” while taking part.  Those guys know their stuff! ” – Unnamed member

“Well worth the money to come.  They did a great job!” – Unnamed member

 “It was the best 8-hours that I have spent in the fire service.” – Ned Bolle, Lexington Fire Department (Lexington, MA)

“This class exceeded every expectation that I had.” – Unnamed member

 “One of the best training courses that I have attended in my career.  The instructors were able to talk to you, and not at you.” – Eric Moreau, West Warwick Fire Department (West Warwick, RI)

“Above what I expected. Instructors taught the skills needed, not the war stories of the past!” – Eric Galloway, West Warwick Fire Department (West Warwick, RI)

5/16/2010 - Duxbury, MA Testimonials:
“Excellent experience, highly recommended for everyone.  I would like to see you in Rhode Island in the future.” – Unnamed member

“You guys are on to something here.  Very good hands-on training, which is sorely needed.  Back to basics is a must as fires are becoming less.” – Unnamed member

“I now feel confident and comfortable with several forcible entry tactics and plans of attack.” – Unnamed member

“Very courteous and well informed staff.  Thank you!” – Sean Hanlon, Boston Fire Department Ladder 7 (Boston, MA)

“Being a “Call Firefighter” from a career department, it didn’t make a difference.  We were all taught the same.” – Unnamed member

“Well worth the money.” – Unnamed member

“The best class I’ve taken” – Unnamed member

“Better than expected.  A true lesson on how to make a firefighter think outside the box, or in this class “outside the lock” – John Sjostedt,Duxbury Fire Department (Duxbury, MA)

“Great time! The knowledge was easy to understand and even easier to apply.” – Mike Ryan, Norwell Fire Department (Norwell, MA)

“The instructors are extremely knowledgeable, and know how to integrate the lecture with the practical evolutions.” – Unnamed member



"Excellent course that all firefighters should take. ” – Unnamed member
"Exceeds expectations and blows away previous training experiences.” – Unnamed member
“Very informative, useful and very applicable.  I feel confident my training today will save a life. ” – Unnamed member
“Enthusiastic, professional instructors who have developed realistic training to be used to solve real-world problems. ” – Unnamed member
“Best hands-on training that you can get! ” – Unnamed member
“Very educational, great experience and a lot of techniques that I’ve never seen or experienced. ” – Unnamed member
“This was one great class!   I will be back for more for sure.  The forcible entrywas a great class for all ranks. ” – Unnamed member
“Excellent, every instructor was very professional and knowledgeable.  They conveyed the information in a down-to-earth manner that made it easy to learn and retain  They hands-on experience really backed-up the lecture and helped to reinforce the techniques.” – Luke Berkey, Stone Harbor Fire Company #1, Stone Harbor, NJ


"This class filled a significant gap between traditional training and years of experience on the job.  Very well thought out and very practical training." - Unnamed member
"My expectations were high, and I was not disappointed.  Excellent class!" - Unnamed member
"One of the most informative/hands-on classes I've ever taken.  Had enough knowledge to chew on, but not overwhelming." - Unnamed member
"A very good class that I would like to bring to our town." - Unnamed member
"Everything I learned, I can build upon.  More importantly these new skills can be practiced regularly.  The skills we were taught will travel beyond the classroom and onto the fireground.  Because of this class, I can use these new skills with confidence." - Amanda Cherry, Evesham Fire Department (Evesham, NJ)


"It was a very laid back learning environment.  The instructors took the time to answer all questions.  All of the instructors were very knowledgeable and made this class fun." 
Chris Salazar, Minooka, IL FD

"These guys are the real deal!  Every instructor has a great attitude and love for the job.  Every instructor has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to "Back to Basics", something that has become a lost art.  I truly recommend this class, regardless of your rank." 
- Lt. Kevin Linhart, Frankfort, IL FPD

"The techniques taught in this class were career changing.  The more complicated tasks on the fireground have now become "simple" due to the fact that the instructors got back to the "old-school" way of doing things. 
- Zach Pavesich, Frankfort, IL FPD




"Realistic training for today's street smart firefighters.  The instructors brought their personal experiences on the job to the classroom/drill field and were eager to pass it on." 
- Trey Nelms, Nashville, TN FD/Nelms Fire Company

"If you respond to a bedroom community or urban jungle, this class puts everything in perspective!  It gives you the confidence to overcome any forcible entry challenge." 
Chris Wilson, Bloomingdale, IL FD

"Instructors were knowledgeable in all aspects of forcible entry.  They answered any question you could imagine.  Awesome hands-on experience for all levels." 
- Unnamed Student

"We came with an open mind, and we will be taking home basics to further our department." 
- Josh Giustra, Ralston, NE FD

"This class was very fun and very hands-on.  The instructors were also very knowledgeable." 
- Shawn Hendron, Munster, IN FD



"This training reinforces that there is always something that you forgot, and something new you can learn." 
- Matt McCrory, North Wildwood, NJ Fire Department

 "Very professional and easy going.  The course was a great brush-up on skills seldom used in smaller departments." 
- Capt. David Buzby, Linwood, NJ Volunteer Fire Company

 "The instructors were great and very knowledgeable, and this training they gave me is what this convention has been missing for a long time!" 
- Eric Rowlands, Ewring Township, NJ Fire Department

 "Very good, real world, hands-on scenarios.  Instructors came with a wealth of on-the-job experience and techniques." 
- Doug Snyder, Marmora, NJ Volunteer Fire Company

 "Excellent hands-on training.  Instructors were knowledgeable and professional." 
Scott Snyder, Marmora, NJ Volunteer Fire Company

"Excellent hands-on training program with experienced subject matter experts! Realistic conditions using everyday fire service tools, meeting my goals of forcible entry profeciency." 
- Capt. Jeff Cole, North Wildwood, NJ Fire Department

 "Eight hours of real world evolutions!  EXCELLENT!! 
- Scott Payne, Riverton, NJ Fire Department

 "The forcible entry class was taught by very knowlegeable instructors.  The class allows firefighters to get hands-on training they normally would not be able to do.  Awesome class! 
- Dan Dunn, Wildwood City, NJ Fire Department


"I loved this course, as an instructor my own expectations are high and the Brotherhood delivered!  Thanks Andrew, Kevin, Jeff and Bruno." 
Christine Edwards, Burlington Volunteer Fire Department

"You were all professional, courteous, knowledgeable and great to work with.  Thanks for the training and very positive experience." 
- Jamie Hammill, New Tecumseth Fire-Rescue







"Excellent use of my personal time to make my knowledge more complete and rounded in order to handle situations of this nature." 
- Unnamed student, Day #1

"The instructors were great and well-experienced.  I had no unanswered questions!" - unnamed student, Day #1

"Excellent work guys!  Great course, keep up the good work!" - Mike Wodzinski, Malahide #2

"The course followed an informational and logical order from start to finish." - Unnamed student, Day #1

"Instructors did a great job!  They shared experiences and the flow was very smooth." - Unnamed student, Day #2






"Thanks guys!  Very knowledgeable, professional and taught well.  We may only be a volunteer department, but we were treated like professionals……Thanks!"
- Student, Walkerton Fire Department - Basic Forcible Entry Operations







Two police officers (members of a tactical or SWAT team) also participated.  
Shown here, practicing techniques at the Conventional Forcible Entry rotation 


In my 19 years in the Fire Service I have never been able to "train" hands on, refining forcible entry skills.  Brotherhood Instructors, LLC. has brought this program to the Province of Ontario, Canada and, deservedly so, has firefighters lined up at the door to experience the unique and valuable H.O.T. we all need experience in.  I recommend this program highly."
- Captain Tim Calhoun
Training Officer, Clarington Emergency Fire Services
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"Amazing, I would love to take the course again and would recommend it to anyone."
-Eric Cruickshank

"Overall it was a phenomenal experience and the instructors are amazing."
- Suzanne Sherman
Student, Durham College Pre-Service Firefighter Program



“Best training of any kind that I have received this year!” 
- Lt. Henry Gruba, Waukegan, IL Fire Department

“Liked the fact that it, the entire class, was important information.  No fluff, no B.S., right to the point from knowledgeable brothers who do it.  Well worth my time.  Thanks!”
- Lt. Henry Gruba, Waukegan, IL Fire Department

“They take the time to insure you are properly trained, not just thrown through the evolutions.”  
Brian JosephPlainfield, IL Fire Protection District

“Excellent, the best hands-on experience in my ten year career!” 
- Anthony Hatcher, Schiller Park, IL Fire Department

“I have done more with forcible entry today than I have in my whole career!” 
- Jeff Knowles, Cascade Twp, MI Fire Department

“The instructors give you the knowledge to confidently overcome each prop safely and efficiently.” 
- Pete Busalacchi, North Shore, WI Fire Department

“This was a great experience.  New ideas mixed in with refreshed old methods.  A great refresher for old or new firemen.  Can’t wait for the advanced class.” 
- Lt. Czajkowski, Wilmington, IL Fire Protection District

“Excellent class, hope they have another one in the area.” 
- Dave Bezely, Morris, IL Fire Department

“I now have more confidence when approaching a locked structure to make entry for different situations” 
- Jon Wiechen, Morris, IL Fire Department



"Great guys that are able to share techniques that work!" 
- Rob Doucette, Barrie Fire

"A fast-paced, hands-on, professionally taught course!" 
- Steve Magee, Rideau Lakes Station

"Todays fire service has become so complex.  Getting back to the basics is a must for all fire departments, big or small.  As I'd like to say Keep it simple ****** (KISS Principle).  Brotherhood Instructors did just that by making the big problems seem so small while using simple techniques.  - Wayne Benner, PCFES - Ontario, Canada






"Great work in Puslinch with the forcible entry class. The instructors know there subject and teach it very well.  All Firefighters that took the class loved it and enjoyed the training.  It makes them better for making entry into units. Keep up the good training!!" 
- John Uptegrove, Training Officer, Puslinch Fire Dept.








“The instructors shared their experience in a very informal setting, without making the students uncomfortable. Based on this open forum technique our members interacted and gained far more information, and hands on training. The instructor’s knowledge and enthusiasm was evident, and contagious. We are already talking about inviting them back for a full Saturday course. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for no nonsense back to basic’s training for your department.”  
- Deputy Chief Rob Chiappano

"Firefighters nowadays get caught up in all of our new fields of study (Haz-Mat, WMD, Paperwork) .You all bring it back to the no-frills, knock-down, drag-out skills of our job. Thank you." - Gary Sanders

“The training was very practical and useful session which covered not only the basics of what we do and forget to do but also innovative approaches and techniques to specific emergency situations that we all have or will face in the fire service. It was an excellent presentation filled with enthusiasm, experience and hands-on reality. Great job!”  
- Steve Udelhofen

“Very good class.  Nice to have the trainers from the very large busy cities talk to us as 
equals and not our betters. Never felt like they were talking down to us small town paid on call 
firefighters” - 
- Lieutenant Rich Wood


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