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This course is fully customizable by selecting four or five of the below listed skills rotations.  Ladder Company Operations vary with department staffing and response area.  Choosing the skills your members are expected to perform helps ensure the training is relevant and your members aren’t wasting their time.

Vent, Enter, & Search (VES) – VES is one of the most dangerous fireground tasks.  Searching above or behind the fire without a hoseline is not to be taken lightly.  Knowledge of building construction, VES theory, search procedures, and fire behavior are all-important aspects of VES.  This high-risk tactic is a valuable fireground skill since it often has a high reward potential.  Members will review the above-mentioned information while practicing ladder placement, window entry, and quick and effective search procedures under zero visibility.  This skill can also be practiced from an aerial ladder or tower ladder bucket.

Forcible Entry & Primary Search – This rotation will provide members with an overview of basic forcible entry techniques for residential buildings.  Members will then force the door and commence a primary search under zero visibility.  Effective search techniques will be reviewed and reinforced before, during, and after the search. 

Portable Ladders – Selection and use of portable ladders is an important fireground task.  Members will review ladder placement considerations as well as practice techniques for maneuvering and positioning ladders.  Raising and extending ladders with a partner and alone will be practiced under the supervision and guidance of our instructor. 

Flat Roof Operations – Participants will review important aspects of roof operations such as roof access, primary ventilation tasks, building recon, horizontal ventilation, and roof cutting.  Each member will then have the opportunity to cut a 3’x6’ “coffin cut” ventilation opening.

Peaked Roof Operations – Members will review the key aspects of performing vertical ventilation in peaked roof buildings.  Ladder selection, tool selection, ventilation opening location selection, etc. will all be reviewed.  Each member will then have the opportunity to perform the cuts for one of the various vertical ventilation openings under the guidance of an instructor.

Victim Removal – Our VES and Primary Search stations normally use child or infant size victims in order to promote search accuracy and expedite resetting the station for the next members.  Removing an unconscious victim through interior hallways and stairs or via aerial or portable ladder is nothing to be taken lightly.  Care and precision must be used to safely remove victims.  Practicing with full size manikins on ladders or in the building is essential to be effective on the fireground. 

Any of the rotations from our Beyond the Academy: Forcible Entry Operations or Advanced Forcible Entry Operations can be added to the above list of options.  This class can be conducted at a fire training facility or in an acquired building.  The price of this course will vary depending on the amount of materials and set-up time, which will be dictated by the course location (training center or acquired building).

This course can be offered as a one-day 8-hour (most common) course or broken up into segments and delivered as crew or company drills.  A firehouse, training center, or other acquired building is suitable for conducting this course. 

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